Representative Esty should practice what she preaches. I agree with the Hartford Courant’s clear and strong editorial that Rep. Esty should resign. I do not agree that we should accept only that she will finish her term in office and not run for re-election. I said so in my letter to the Editor in today’s Hartford Courant. This is not a political issue. Rep. Esty says that she is a victim of the process. Shame on her. The real victim was not protected by her, but the “bad actor” was protected by her. How can you give someone like that a god job recommendation? How can you let that person stay on the job for three months? How can you use tax payer money for a severance payment? Rep. Esty, you did not do what was right before. You should do what is right now and step down now. You do not need a House ethics investigation to know what to do. It is interesting that many state Democrat politicians are silent on the issue or not doing what is right and asking Rep. Esty to resign. Some are however. But, Governor Malloy, Lt. Governor Wyman, Rep. Courtney, Rep. DeLauro, Rep. Larson, rep. Himes, Sen. Murphy, and Sen. Blumenthal are not. They should do what is right and ask Rep. Esty to resign now.