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Best wishes to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I wish Justice Ginsburg all of the best as she tackles another cancer diagnosis.  Aklthough I do not agree with a number of her court opinions and I think that she at times lets ideaology dictate her opinions that are more legislative than judicial in origin, nevertheless I respect her for what she has accomplished

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Woodstock Fair Cancelled

I was saddened as a Director of the Woodstock Agricultural Society and  as an dOfficer to vote to cancel this year’s Fair.  During this time of uncertainty because of the COVID-19 pandemic, public health and safety are priorities.  Next year, we will enjoy the Fair.

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I am the Chair of the Woodstock (CT) Planning & Zoning Commission.  I have served my community these past 12 years as a Commissioner.  I have been Chair for 11 years.  The Planning & Zoning Commission has a broad range of authority to help guide land use and development in Woodstock, ranging from residential to business to agricultural.  The Commission has responsibility for land preservation, conservation, and recreation.

I am the Medical Director of the Cancer Center at Harrington Hospital in Southbridge, MA.  Previously, I was the Medical Director of the Cancer Center at Day Kimball Hospital in Putnam, CT.

I am the President of the Woodstock Education Foundation, which is a non-profit, volunteer organization that funds a wide array of exciting educational programs for the public school kids in Woodstock, CT.  The educational grants are created by teachers.  I work with a great team of fellow Directors who share my commitment to help the public school kids and teachers.  All money raised goes to funding grants.  Learn more about the Woodstock Education Foundation.

I am the Treasurer of the Woodstock Agricultural Society.  The Society runs the Woodstock Fair every Labor Day weekend.  Because of my continued and strong support of local agriculture, I am not just a Life Member of the Society, but also  Member of the Board of Directors and an Officer as Treasurer.  The work I do to support local agriculture extends into the work that I do as Chair of Woodstock’s Planning & Zoning Commission.

I am a Past President of the Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS).  In 2016-2017, I was the 178th President of the CSMS.  The Society was founded in 1792.  The CSMS advocates for the people of Connecticut and for the doctors who provide people with medical care.  During my time as President, and long before I was President as well as now as a Past President, I continue to advocate for the patient-physician relationship.  Read my inaugural address.


I believe in transparency about my votes as a member of Woodstock’s Planning & Zoning Commission.  It is part of my open government work ethic.  As the Commission Chair, I send to the Town Clerk’s office a voting record of each Commission meeting I attend.  Learn more about how I voted.

I have a 100% perfect attendance record for PZC meetings in 2020.

Here are the votes I casted in July:

July 16th, 2020  Adjourn the meeting. Yes

July 16th, 2020  Continue to the August 6th, 2020, special meeting @ 7:45 PM the public hearing on #SP640-04-24 ND Swadia, LLC, dba Woodstock Country Store, 1484 Route 171, special permit modification for a proposed store with apartment below and a gas station. Yes

July 16th, 2020  Post a notation on the land record for the remainder parcel of property that was the undeveloped part of the former Minchoff subdivision (#492-04-06) that if/when this portion of land is to be modified into a buildable lot or otherwise resubdivided that the required 1.66 acres of open space set aside land pertaining to the already developed 4.04 acres will be required to be put into effect separate from any additional open space set aside land that might be required at such future time. Yes

July 16th, 2020  Schedule for August 20th, 2020, at 7:45 PM a public hearing for #SP641-06-25, 599 Route 169, Rusty Relic mixed use (retail store and residential). Yes

July 16th, 2020  Approve as presented the non-residential zoning permit application for Salon 283, 283 Route 169, Unit 2. Yes

July 16th, 2020  Table to the August 6th, 2020, special meeting the 3-lot subdivision application for #643-06-27, 11 Senexet Road, Maplesouth Realty trust. Yes

July 16th, 2020  Approve as presented the June 18th, 2020, regular monthly meeting minutes and the July 2nd, 2020, special meeting minutes. Yes

July 2nd, 2020  Adjourn the meeting. Yes

July 2nd, 2020  Adjourn the meeting. Yes

July 2nd, 2020  Adjourn the meeting. Yes

July 2nd, 2020  Accept the Commission’s interpretation of the Zoning Regulations to allow the special permit application #SP641-06-25 (599 Route 169, Rusty Relic mixed use – residential store and residential use) to proceed to a public hearing. Yes

July 2nd, 2020  Issue a favorable report on Open Space Land Acquisition and Farmland Preservation Committee’s proposal to the Town for the purchase of development rights for Maplecrest Farm on Route 169 as presented. Yes

July 2nd, 2020  Approve the non-residential business permit for Second Chance Nutrition, 283 Route 169, Unit #3, as presented. Yes

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