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Woodstock Fair Cancelled

I was saddened as a Director of the Woodstock Agricultural Society and  as an dOfficer to vote to cancel this year’s Fair.  During this time of uncertainty because of the COVID-19 pandemic, public health and safety are priorities.  Next year, we will enjoy the Fair.

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I am the Chair of the Woodstock (CT) Planning & Zoning Commission.  I have served my community these past 12 years as a Commissioner.  I have been Chair for 11 years.  The Planning & Zoning Commission has a broad range of authority to help guide land use and development in Woodstock, ranging from residential to business to agricultural.  The Commission has responsibility for land preservation, conservation, and recreation.

I am the President of the Woodstock Education Foundation, which is a non-profit, volunteer organization that funds a wide array of exciting educational programs for the public school kids in Woodstock, CT.  The educational grants are created by teachers.  I work with a great team of fellow Directors who share my commitment to help the public school kids and teachers.  All money raised goes to funding grants.  Learn more about the Woodstock Education Foundation.

I am the Treasurer of the Woodstock Agricultural Society.  The Society runs the Woodstock Fair every Labor Day weekend.  Because of my continued and strong support of local agriculture, I am not just a Life Member of the Society, but also  Member of the Board of Directors and an Officer as Treasurer.  The work I do to support local agriculture extends into the work that I do as Chair of Woodstock’s Planning & Zoning Commission.

I am a Past President of the Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS).  In 2016-2017, I was the 178th President of the CSMS.  The Society was founded in 1792.  The CSMS advocates for the people of Connecticut and for the doctors who provide people with medical care.  During my time as President, and long before I was President as well as now as a Past President, I continue to advocate for the patient-physician relationship.  Read my inaugural address.


I believe in transparency about my votes as a member of Woodstock’s Planning & Zoning Commission.  It is part of my open government work ethic.  As the Commission Chair, I send to the Town Clerk’s office a voting record of each Commission meeting I attend.  Learn more about how I voted.

Here are the votes I casted in April:

April  2nd, 2020  Approve the non-residential zoning permit for the YMCA, 42 Camp Road, for a deck expansion on a boat house.  Yes

April  2nd, 2020 Adjourn the meeting.  Yes

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