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About Jeff Gordon

  • Cancer and Blood Disorder Doctor (Hematology-Oncology)
  • Chair, Woodstock Planning & Zoning Commission
  • President, Woodstock Education Foundation
  • Treasurer, Woodstock Agricultural Society
  • Past President, Connecticut State Medical Society
  • Chair, CTHealthLink (Health Information Exchange)
  • Owner, Jeffrey A. Gordon Consulting, LLC
  • Adult Fan of Lego

Making Government Work For You

Jeff serves on the Planning & Zoning Commission in Woodstock, CT.  He was elected in 2007 and was re-elected in 2011 and 2015, each time with strong community support. For the past 11 years, Jeff has been the Commission’s Chair, re-elected annually by his fellow Commissioners.

Advocating For Patient Care And The Medical Profession

Jeff was honored in 2016-2017 to be the 178th President of the CT State Medical Society.  It was the first time in over 30 years that a doctor from northeast CT was the President.  During Jeff’s time as President, many things were accomplished: increased membership; improved financials; strengthened county medical associations; the state’s first active health information exchange; proactive response to the opioid crisis; strong patient advocacy; and meaningful support for doctors to navigate challenging times.

Improving our kids' education

Jeff serves on the Board of the Woodstock Education Foundation, a non-profit staffed by community members who volunteer their time to raise money for the preK-8 Woodstock public schools.  Each year, a lot of money is raised and a long list of educational programs is supported by WEF grants.  Teachers and administrators apply for grants.  Jeff is the Foundation’s President, having prior serve as its Secretary.  He is chair of the Governance & Policy Committee and a member of the Grants Review Committee.  The Woodstock Education Foundation does wonderful things.  Thank you to everyone in the community who supports the work that it does.  The Foundation’s mission is simple: do what can be done to add to the educational experience of the public schools kids.

Supporting Agriculture

Jeff serves on the Board of the Woodstock Agricultural Society and is the current Treasurer.  He is a lifetime member of the Society.  Every Labor Day weekend, the Society hosts the Woodstock Fair.

Helping Local Businesses And Economic Development

Jeff’s work on Woodstock’s Planning & Zoning Commission involves making the zoning regulations common sense for local businesses.   He is a member of the Woodstock Business Association and the Northeast CT Chamber of Commerce.

Consulting Opportunities

Jeff provides independent consulting work on medical-legal cases.  Jeff has more than 25 years of direct, in-hospital and office-based patient care experience.  Jeff is Board certified in adult Hematology (blood diseases/disorders) and adult Medical Oncology (cancer).  Jeff also has many years of experience in hospital medical staff leadership, quality care, and peer review.   Jeff is a former member of Connecticut’s Medical Examining Board.  Jeff’s years of experience with non-profit organizations allow him the opportunity to help others regarding bylaws, governance, and policies.

Writing Articles To Keep You Informed

Jeff writes articles on various, timely topics.  Thank you to the Villager Newspapers for publishing them.

Woodstock Planning & Zoning Meeting Last Night

A good and productive meeting last night of the Commission’s Regulations Review Subcommittee. We discussed reasonable, common sense uses of set aside land in residential subdivisions. Things like agriculture, recreation, sustainable timber harvest, and wildlife habitat and land preservation. if land is to be set aside, then there can be ways to allow it to

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Rep. Esty Must Resign

Representative Esty should practice what she preaches. I agree with the Hartford Courant’s clear and strong editorial that Rep. Esty should resign. I do not agree that we should accept only that she will finish her term in office and not run for re-election. I said so in my letter to the Editor in today’s

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A Good Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting

A good meeting tonight of Woodstock’s Planning & Zoning Commission. Good progress made improving our town’s sign regulations. Another review of the Land Use Fee Ordinance showed it is not overcharging people for permits and not undercharging for the legitimate work town government does reviewing permit applications. Also, moving forward on making the Land Use

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Economic Development

I spent last night meeting with Woodstock’s Economic Development Commission (EDC). We discussed ways the Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) and the EDC can work together. Good talk about ways to encourage appropriate economic development and tax base diversity for our community. The PZC has been doing a lot for economic development and agriculture support,

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