I am proud to have been re-elected to a 2nd term as the Chair of the CT State Medical Society’s Council and Speaker of its House of Delegates.  I am a Past President  (2016 – 2017).



I enjoy the work that I do as Chair of Woodstock’s Planning & Zoning Commission, which I have been doing for 13+ years.



I have been a doctor for over 27 years, specializing in Hematology and Medical Oncology.  I am the Cancer Center Medical Director of Harrington Hospital.



I am serving as the Treasurer of the Woodstock Agricultural Society and as a member of its Board of Directors.  The Woodstock Fair is Labor Day weekend.



I support public education.  One way that I do it is by being a Board Director of the Woodstock Education Foundation.  I am a Past President.



Helping my community is something that I do many different ways.  One way is by being the Vice-President of the Woodstock Safety Patrol.


The Woodstock Safety Patrol donated dash cams to the public school buses to promote safety.  Thank you to everyone who donated!  Click the picture to read the news article.  From left to right: Jen Beams, Leslie Holland, George McCoy, Jerilyn Dupuis, and Jeff Gordon.

My testimony to the CT legislature’s Planning and Development Committee about major changes proposed to our towns’ local control of land use zoning.

Read it here.

My testimony to the CT legislature’s Finance Committee about new taxes being proposed.

Read it here.

My letter to the Editor of the Woodstock Villager, 03/05/2021.

My letter to the CT Public Utilities Regulatory Agency, 03/02/2021.

I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Villager Newspapers about taxes.  Check it out.  

I believe in transparency about my votes as a member of Woodstock’s Planning & Zoning Commission.  It is part of my “open government” work ethic.  As the Commission Chair, I send to the Town Clerk’s office a voting record of the Commission meetings I attend.  I have a 100% perfect attendance record for 2019, 2020, and so far for 2021.  Learn more about how I voted.

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