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Jeffrey A. Gordon, M.D.

Woodstock’s Economic Development and Business Community

Woodstock’s Planning & Zoning Commission was not able to hold its monthly meeting this month.  The Commission will continue its work on the important issue of economic development and business regulations, items that were on the agenda for the March meeting.  The next regular Commission meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 20th, at 7:30 PM …

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Managing Public Testimony

Your town’s planning and zoning commission makes legislative and administrative decisions. Underpinning these decisions is the receipt of testimony from applicants, municipal staff and agencies, professional experts, lawyers, and members of the public. A planning and zoning commission makes good decisions when it takes into account all of the testimony it receives, follows its review …

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The Taking of Land Part 1

The Supreme Court has ruled that land use regulation is constitutional so long as it “substantially advance[s] legitimate governmental interests” to protect public safety, health, and welfare.  Regulations must follow constitutional due process and equal protection.  Government has a role in setting and enforcing reasonable and common sense laws for the communities in which we live, …

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The Constitution and You part 1

Constitutional law can be exciting, confusing, and controversial.  People appropriately chafe at burdensome laws, yet civilized societies are not civil without laws.    There is a balance.  Democracy is not just about finding a meaningful consensus and the majority opinion prevailing when a vote is taken, but it is also about engaging people to find solutions …

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“Affordable” versus “affordable”

Affordable means different things to different people at different times. This holds true when one is talking about housing.  There is the general concept of affordable housing that applies when talking about communities or demographic groups.  There is the specific reality of affordable housing that is pertinent to individual homeowners and homebuyers. Planning and zoning commissions need to …

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